The Multnomah Bar Association held its annual fundraising campaign for CourtCare during the month of May.  Cosgrave held two fundraising events to raise money.  In early May, we had a Cinco de Mayo party where staff was invited to make a donation in order to attend.  Last week we hosted a silent pie auction in which donated pies were auctioned with the proceeds, as well as a match from the firm, were donated to CourtCare.

CourtCare services are jointly provided by Multnomah County, the state of Oregon Judicial Department, the Multnomah Bar Association and the US District Court Attorney Admission Fund.  Through contract with a nonprofit agency, a full-service child care facility provides children appropriate care so that their parent/caregiver has the ability to fully participate in legal proceedings.  This is to protect children from inappropriate exposure to potentially traumatic adult situations that can be part of the legal process.