Congratulations to CVK’s 2009 Hood to Coast Team, “Swift Justice,” who logged some serious miles with little sleep this weekend!

If you see one of more of your fellow employees hobbling around the halls today, this might help explain why:  Every year 1,000 or so teams from around the country and world meet to run 198 miles from Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood to the beach at Seaside.  Each team has 12 runners who each run 3 “legs,” each leg varying in distance from 4 to 8 miles.  While the course drops approximately 8,000 feet in elevation, there is plenty of hill climbing along the way.  One of the “legs” is also run in the dead of night (always an exhilarating experience).

Here are some of the guilty parties and the distance their three “legs” totaled:

Stephanie Corey  (14.06 miles)

Sam  Dowlatdad (16.93 miles)

Shawn Lillegren  (17.16 miles)

Brenda Tiland  (14.74 miles)

Zach Mosbrucker  (17.91 miles)

Sean McClendon (16.92 miles)

Shelly Damore (19.61 miles)

Michael Mangan  (14.39 miles)

All went as planned with no injuries.  Once again, a big thanks to the firm for its ongoing support of this event.  It is truly a unique and challenging experience.  A big thanks also to Maryann Ivie, who consistently volunteers to staff an exchange point (where one runner passes the wrist strap to the next runner), and to Sean McC’s wife and sister, who did the same.