I am writing this letter with the utmost gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to Elizabeth Berrigan and the Cosgrave Team.

Recently a dear friend of ours was a victim of a horrendous tragedy. Our friend lost both of his parents in a domestic violence crime and was shot during the incident. He survived something most people wouldn’t; it’s a true miracle he is still with us today. Even more of a miracle is his outlook on life; he is full of love, faith and hope. All in part because of the wonderful Liz Berrigan!

As his friends we wanted to help him. We all know expenses of this nature would be through the roof, let alone the five months of rehabilitation before he is back to work. So we started a collection and a benefit to raise money to help him in these difficult times. We looked into all types of benefits and organizations to help with the process. After hitting wall after wall and being up against a strict timeline, we found Liz.

She jumped in head first and had formal trust paperwork to us the next day! She was so patient and helpful. Not knowing what it took to do this type of fundraising, Liz guided us through it. Telling us how to use a money manager and outlining the strict usages of funds. She would check up on us daily and always asked about our friend’s condition first! Liz put us back on the track to success and even made last minute changes on the spot. Without Liz we would have been lost. She even brought her husband and little baby to the fundraiser! The most important part of all of this is what it represented to our friend.

After a very successful fundraiser and a huge amount of support from the community, we delivered a check for over ten thousand dollars to our friend. This showed him that no matter how alone he is feeling right now, there are people like Liz in this world who have love and kindness in their hearts. This small gesture maybe simple in nature to you, but it showed him that he is never truly alone and that his family goes far beyond their blood.

So thank you so much Elizabeth and Cosgrave. I will make sure to pay it forward. We feel so blessed to have you on our side. Thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough.

Dan C. Nelson
Nature By Design, Inc.