Environmental Law & Toxic Torts

A challenging array of interrelated factors is at work in environmental law: overlapping state and federal regulations, scientific data, the public interest, and historic investigation, among others. All of them play a role in answering questions about how to allocate responsibility and mitigate damage.

Cosgrave’s attorneys have extensive experience confronting these and other factors, helping clients with environmental regulatory compliance as well as litigating claims. We represent clients in court, at the mediation table, and before regulatory agencies such as the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

We’ve successfully handled environmental and toxic tort litigation for clients in a variety of industries, involving issues such as:

  • Air and water quality
  • Brownfields
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Chemical sprays and other exposure
  • Defense of claims for asbestos related disease
  • Groundwater contamination
  • Industrial plant sites
  • Inhalation exposure and injuries
  • Oil product spills and seepage
  • Service station contamination
  • Toxic materials discharge
  • Toxic mold and other “sick building” claims
  • Underground storage tanks