Is Now the Right Time to File or Foreclose Your Construction Lien?

By Jason Pistacchio

Is time running out and you’re not getting paid for your construction work?  Were you forced to file a construction lien that’s getting old quickly?  Both Oregon and Washington construction lien law are fraught with perilous requirements including some very specific time limits.  Do you find yourself asking any of the following questions:  How many days do I have to file a construction lien?  How long do I have to foreclose a lien after I file it?  Which notices am I required to send before I file my lien, and how do I send them?  How long before I have to foreclose my lien?  What should I think about before I file a construction lien and before I foreclose a construction lien?  Is there a difference between Oregon and Washington lien laws?  The answer to each of these questions requires careful review of your specific facts.  Cosgrave’s lawyers have developed the level of expertise that you need to navigate the minefield that is Oregon and Washington construction lien law.  We can answer these questions for you.  There’s no need to go it alone.  We can help.