Law Practice:

Jason is an associate attorney in the complex torts practice group.  His practice focuses on personal injury and property damage liability defense.

Prior to working for Cosgrave, Jason worked for three years at a nationwide insurance carrier.  He handled a caseload of between 40 to 60 cases in various stages of litigation. Jason was responsible for every part of the case, from initial intake to post-trial motions and judgments.  At his previous employer, Jason arbitrated over 100 cases and tried 14 case to a jury verdict.

Post law school, Jason spent one year at the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office, where he independently handled a misdemeanor docket and tried 10 cases to a jury verdict.

Representative Cases:

Wilson v Hickman:  Jason defended Mr. Hickman who was being sued under ORS 20.080 for 10,000 and attorney’s fees resulting from a T-bone automobile accident at an intersection in North Portland.  The case was litigated to trial in Multnomah County.  Though the plaintiff had an independent eye witness who stated the defendant was at fault, Jason was able to discredit the plaintiff and the independent witness through expert testimony resulting in a defense verdict for his client.

Johnson v Henry:  Plaintiff sued for 32,000 as result of suffering soft tissue injuries from a minor rear end accident in Multnomah County.  Plaintiff alleged that she had a pre-existing condition that made her more susceptible to injury.  Through the use of a biomechanical expert and a medical doctor, Jason was able to establish that the plaintiff could not have been injured from the auto accident.  After 10 minutes of deliberation the jury returned with a defense verdict.

Education & Bar Admissions:

Jason earned an undergraduate degree in political science from Truman State University in 2004.  He completed a master’s degree in political science from the University of Illinois in 2008.  Jason earned his law degree from Washington University in St. Louis in 2011.  While in law school Jason was an associate editor for the Washington University Jurisprudence Review.

Jason is a member of the Oregon State Bar.


Jason is a member of the Oregon Bar Association, the Multnomah Bar Association, and the Oregon Association of Defense Counsel.


Outside of work, Jason is an avid baseball fan of his hometown Kansas City Royals.  After work Jason can most likely be found chasing his two year old son around the zoo or one of Portland’s many parks.




I absolutely can’t live without


My hero is

Jackie Robinson.

I want to try

scuba diving.

My first car

was a 1996 Honda Accord.

I became a lawyer because I wanted

to have a career that was both

intellectually stimulating

and had a direct

impact in people’s lives.

Litigation Attorney Jason Bush

Attorney Spotlight

I most look up

to my grandparents.

deep dish pizza.

My favorite food is Chicago’s

that I live in an

awesome community.

I am thankful

My dream trip is to visit

the Maldives.

I am most proud

to be a family man.

Nobody would ever suspect that as a child

I was a roller coaster fanatic.

I traveled the US in search of the

tallest and fastest coasters.